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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

seegrist family.

I have been working really hard on improving my photo shop skills, this picture took me three hours.. but I am pretty happy with the finished picture! Check out all the steps I took to get the final picture!
Here is the original picture. Tree's and tops of houses.
 First I started with taking out all the things in the background, and changing the color of people's shirts, for example the boy all the way to the left and the boy 2nd to the right.
Then I boosted all the colors and sharpened the picture
Then I took a picture in my back yard, and edited it a million times until it was just right.
Then I spent a long time working on painting it into the background... It took me a good three hours to do all of this, and I want to do it again and see if I can get the background more crisp. But for now I am pretty excited about my work!

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